About Us

Premier Tazze offers one of the largest range of coffee cup sizes and colours in the Australian market and is gaining favour with more coffee roasters, cafes and baristas due to its strength and durability. 


Our rebranded range of Italianstyle coffeeware Premier Tazze, previously known as Rockingham has been sold across Australia for the last eleven years. The Italian style range is currently available in six cup and mug sizes from 90ml to 380ml and has ten great colours to select from to meet your coffee requirements and compliment your cafe decor.


In 2016, the range was expanded with the release of the Premier Barista series which is available in five cups and mug sizes from 75ml to 330ml and currently available in nine colours. The Barista series features two colours which have a reactive glaze finish and saucers designed to fit Duralex glass ware.


In April 2019, the Specialty Range was launched with five cup and mug sizes in two colours. The range matches the size of the Detpak Precision Series takeaway cups. There is a universal saucer for all the cups and the mug except for the espresso cup which has its own saucer. The saucers are available in full colour or with a white rim. The Speciality range features a perfect egg-shape inner base to maintain and extend the longevity of the coffee crema. The perfect cup for Latte Art!

Cup Features 

  • Designed specifically for coffee roasters, cafes and baristas 

  • High temperature fired commercial grade porcelain  

  • Thick walls and hard glazed to maintain temperature, preserving coffee aroma and flavour 

  • Long-lasting durability designed for high chip resistance and to withstand scratching, wear, professional washing and coffee stains

  • Strong and ergonomic handles for ease of use 

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe 

  • High temperature fired glaze maintains colour quality  

  • Exterior finish in gloss and matt

Custom colours and branding can be arranged for large roasters and retail chains. Premier Tazze is available across Australia from your coffee roaster or hospitality and catering stores. If you are unable to source Premier Tazze through these options please contact us so we can assist you.